The World is a beautiful place while they feed you lies. on Flickr.
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The World is a beautiful place while they feed you lies. on Flickr.
Anonymous said: just letting you know, tumblr only tracks the first 4 or 5 tags and the rest wont show up. so when you post your art put only the most important tags up, because anything past 4 or 5 won't be shown in the tags

thank you! i did not know that!:l usually i post it on flickr first and the tags susually show up there :)

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life in a few paragraphs.

so i quit one of my jobs. the thing is that i was living the house of the owner of the restaurant cuz she was renting it to me and my mom super cheap, so i had to look for another place. my mom is leaving to live her life somewhere else in about a month so me and a friend said we would rent a small backhouse for both of us and split the rent in half.

the thing is that his dad died last week, leaving two boys and one teenager, so my friend isnt moving with me anymore…

so now the rent makes up 70% of my monthly income working a minimum wage job. which sucks really hard cuz the point was to save up money to move to San Francisco.

but i keep trying to keep my self sane by telling myself how living alone will be a good thing for me, because i am working a 6am-2pm schedule leaving a ton of time for anything else in the afternoon.

i want to make this house my creative and inspiration space and being alone will allow me to spend more time taking pictures while having privacy. also i feel like itll push me to also focus more on client work since  i am actually gonna NEED it. since 200$ for food per month dosent seem to be enough.

Welcome to America, where minimum wage meets dreams.

any advice or words of consolation?

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melodiousbeam said: I love your nose.

Wow lol nobody has ever said that to me lol thank you very much

have you ever just sucked at a job?

like super sucked although you seriously try your best.

cuz i just quit my other job and i feel like they reallly want to fire me from this job because i keep making mistakes.