Our land is thirsty.
I thought this guy looked like Paul McCartney so asked him to take pictures. i REALLY tried going for that film look but i think i may have failed:/
Ready for life bro.

HI guys, its always so hard for me to keep my tumblr. updated, like seriously? it shouldnt be this hard. anyway. im very excited for all the new opportunities and all the open doors God is allowing to open. i really really really appreciate all of your messages and i am sorry im barely getting back to some of you. please feel free to say hello if you still remember me. Thank you all so much.

Tomorrow i just want to drive and take pictures.

should i ride solo or bring someone with me?

im leaning more towards the solo…

Anonymous said: How is your name pronounced?

its UHMUHZUHDAY :) i think…. at least thats how i pronounce it lol

Here kitty kitty.